Woadhills Lucky Jim at competing at Keysoe for the British Dressage South West Regional Team
                                                                                             Grange Park Royal (Henry) Early morning hunting with the Beaufort Hunt.
                                                                                                             Jim at the Badminton dressage championships
                                                                                                                          The big Owl Hole at Stockland Lovell
                                                                            Shakotas Dream(Shah age 19), I'm Donald & Henry pictured with my Mother and me
                                                                            Me and Jim jumping the water complex at Stockland Lovell
                                                                          Me and Jim at the Badminton Dressage Championships we won our class and came 4th overall
                                                                         (he decided he did not like the judges sitting at the three tables at 'C' so spooked alot!)
                                                                                         Grange Park Royal warming up
                                                                                          Henry and me at the Three Counties Show - Hunter class
                                                                                          Shakotas Dream at the Wales & West County Arab horse show
                                                                                      Schooling the Jim Jam
Competing at Summerhouse EC on Blue Chip Diamond Guy
                                                                                                                   My homebred horse Elite Equity winning at his first dressage
Some of my Pupils enjoying their training with me at various venues in Cross Country, Show Jumping and Dressage please see my Upcoming Events.
   Leyland Court Derby Jump Training, a great course with a mixture of show jumps and cross country jumps

                                                    Leyland Court Cross Country Training this super course has a wide variety of jumps from smaller 1ft minimus to 3'6" Open fences



    Eventing my horse Watlands Oyster

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